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Therapeutic Luxury Massage
Health Care Massage Spa NJ

Health Care Alternatives. MASSAGE   Massage is a great health care alternative for many muscle related problems.

We have many clients who do come in with aches and pains, either from a sports related activity, gym, work, play, or just actively going through the riggers and demands of life. All these people generally need some type of massage that manipulates the muscles. Muscle related pain, ideally we have to deal with their muscle issue. Quantum Health Spa provides a variety of massages depending one the individuals needs, from Swedish massage, sports massage,reflexology to medical massage, deep muscle massage or a customized massage treatment. We treat clients with carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, stiff neck, tennis elbow, tight shoulders or calves, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, migraines, headaches and more. We target each individuals needs. At Quantum Health Spa, not every massage session is the same. Each massage session is based on the clients specific need at the time. This is why we have the “catch phrase” “Therapeutic Luxury Massage“. We know that people see a spa treatment as a luxury now and again they may indulge for themselves, but we see massage as therapeutic, we see many people who have limited function in their daily lives and massage is a necessity to soothe sore muscles, increase their range of motion, detox,relieve stress and help them get back to their daily lives to function at a higher level of their abilities. We at Quantum Health Spa help our clients get there, and yes, at the “luxury” of the care and attention of a massage session to make them feel revitalized. Massage is still a “Me Time” moment. We let them have that too. 🙂 So look over our website and see our services that we provide and book a session! You’ll be glad you did. syn-ake cream

are Available for purchase.
“Give the Gift of Therapeutic Luxury” NOTE: We no longer provide Reiki services.

Massage is very therapeutic.
Treat yourself today.
Come in and be pampered.
Spa front
Quantum Health Spa-Gladstone
Q2 is located at 271 Main St.
Gladstone, NJ 07934.
Call for *Appointments:
BUY SPA Gift Certificates: We take VISA Mastercard, Discover. Check by Mail.
                                                                                                  Swedish Massage
Very soothing and relaxing. Choose this type of massage
if you are looking to “melt away”.  Very Calming.
45 Minutes Session………..$65
60 Minutes Session………. $85
90 Minutes Session………. $95
120 (2 Hour) Minute…….. $135.00

Massage treatment is beneficial in alleviating back pain. Other conditions Massage can improve are; sinus pain and pressure, leg cramps, foot pain-reflexology, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, carpal tunnel- wrist pain, hip pain, stiff shoulders, bursitis and more. With massage the therapist can work in trigger point areas to release various conditions.

John 3:16

Stretch Marks Cream

Note: Aromatherapy upgrade add $10 to regular Swedish prices.
Upgrade  30 Minute Sauna Treatment add $20 to Massage Services.
Deep Muscle Tissue Therapy
90 Minutes………………….$125
Deep Muscle Therapy uses hot towels, cooling gel, deep kneading massage technique on focus areas such as, arms legs or back.
Hot Stone Massage 90 Minutes $125
Chair Massage 30 Minutes……… $35
Reflexology-*Deluxe 30 Minutes……………$75 *with hot towels
Reflexology-*Deluxe 45 Minutes……………$85 *with hot towels
*Sports Massage 60 Minutes……… $95 *Energizing,detoxifying, repairing and works out the kinks!
*Sports Massage 90 Minutes……….$110
Prenatal Massage 60 Minutes……..$85
Cellulite Massage 60 Minutes……..$85
Cancer Massage 60 Minutes………. $85 Very gentle massage technique that is used for pain management.
Upgrade add-on with any massage or facial booking
30 Minute Sauna Treatment add $20

body acne treatment

couples massage
We also provide “Couples Massage” services. Either separate rooms or same rooms. If this is booked, please indicate to receptionist which room choice you desire.

synake cream

Raspberry Ketones

anti cellulite gel


Sauna Services- Far-Infrared Carbon.
infared sauna photo
Benefits: far infrared carbon heat penetrates very deep and very quickly. This deep penetration helps melt away toxins and acids in the Human body.
-Sweat 200-500% more than a traditional sauna
-Burn up to 600 Calories in less then 1 session
-Melts fat away loosening toxins stored within the melted fat and sweats toxins out of the body.
30 Minute Sauna Session……………$30
40 Minute Sauna Session……………$35
60 Minute Sauna Session……………$50
90 Minute Sauna Session……………$60
Introducing NEW Spa Service
One 30 minute session in the Infra-Slim body suit to lose inches on arms,  legs and waist. Infra-Slim uses two proven fat reduction therapies:  infrared light and pressure therapy.
    • Improved circulation and reduction of edema
    • Relief of numbness or pain (neuropathy)
    • Enhancement of skin tone
    • Slimming and firming of the entire body
    • Lose 3-5 Inches in only 3 treatments
1 30 Minute Session………….$199.00
2 Sessions (booked within 1 month)….$289.00
3 Sessions (booked within 6 weeks)…..$379.00

Stretch Marks Cream

Certified Nutritional Counselor
Lisa Montano
Appointments Call: 908-730-7366
Personal Trainer-Rodney Barron-$75 Hour
Sports training Clients enter (Side Entrance)
Appointments Call: 973-267-2661
Facial Glycolic or Enzyme Facial and a
1 Hour Swedish Massage Retail:$180.00-$210.00
Special Price: $145.00
Ask the receptionist for Spa Package #1 for Web Discount.
Or you can visit our…
Quantum Health Spa-Clinton
Call today to book an INTRODUCTORY
Swedish Massage Treatment. 45 minute Introduction Swedish massage for $65 or book any of our therapeutic services. Male and Female, Youth and Geriatric Clients welcomed. Afterward, relax in our upstairs lounge. Complimentary beverages served. Call: 908-730-7366 Clinton
Or call our Gladstone location: 908-955-4550 to set up your appointment. Also shop for Detox and natural skin care products here at our Spas or online.
Gift Certificates are available.
VISA/MASTER CARD or CASH purchases accepted.
Swedish Massage 45 Minutes………..$65
Swedish Massage 60 Minutes………..$85
Swedish Massage 90 Minutes………..$95
Swedish Massage 120 Minutes………. $135
*With Swedish Massage you can add $10 more for Aromatherapy.
Sports Massage 45 Minutes…………..$75
Sports Massage 60 Minutes…………..$95
Sports Massage 90 Minutes…………..$110
Reflexology *Deluxe 30 Minutes…………$75 *with hot towels
Reflexology *Deluxe 45 Minutes…………$85 *with hot towels
See you soon!
CLINTON LOCATION: 15 East Main Street Clinton, NJ 08809
Thank you for visiting us!
* 24 Hour Cancellation required on booked appointments.

Raspberry Ketones

Fruit Photo
Photographer: Luigi Diamonti
Bikini Photo
Photographer: Africa

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