Skin Diseases

skin diseases

skin diseases

Photo: Clogged pores.

Skin Diseases

Knowledge of “Truth” is Power

Truth that can save a life. 

“General” Knowledge is not power. Because, what if what you were basically being taught either in school, through some type of media outlet, politicians, corporate giants or people in your path were lies? Then believing these lies what they told you all your life , you make decisions based on these assumptions? Standing on a foundation of lies is very dangerous. Physically as well as spiritually.  If you base your existence and decisions on lies, It may just be power, but a twisted power, because the one who lied to you robbed you of your power and is now enforcing their will, power and control over you.

The correct definition is, “Knowledge of the “Truth” is Power”. Didn’t Jesus say, “You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Truth is liberating.  His truth is that you need eternal salvation because we are all sinners in God’s eyes and that salvation only comes through Him. Take this to note. Because, the world all around you is filled with lies and the truth is so obscured because believe it or not, you have an enemy that comes to kill, steal and destroy and that enemy works through people who love to sin and work for this enemy and will publish through media and other various means “lies” to keep people in bondage to them. Who are them? That’s another time and blog. You might ask, But, what does that have to do with skin diseases? A lot! -not proper English, but you will get the picture. Let’s get back to skin diseases.

What are the real issues when it comes to skin diseases. What is really going on? The manifestation of physical skin disorders has greatly to do with what is going on inside your body. Toxic build up inside your body will eventually start showing up in some type of physical form, from internal health issues to skin issues. Massage is very beneficial in helping the body detox these foreign toxins out of the body. There are still actions that you need to take in assuring optimal health. It is not and never was your doctors responsibility for your health. This has been a backwards mentality that modern corporate structures have been indoctrinating into the minds of society.

Their motives, I will leave that for you to research. But, having control over another person’s life has been a self-destructive force that since the fall in the garden of eden, for centuries has compelled men to war with one another for domination over another human. If you were ever in a controlling relationship with someone, then you will understand what I’m hinting at. Take your life back. Common sense, if the relationship is not working, cut ties. It’s better to be alone then to be in bondage to a controlling destructive force. The FDA and the CDC is friend to government and corporate entities. They watch their own backs and their corporate stockholders, not yours. For pharmaceutical stocks to go up, they must and have to keep you sick. Disease is a multi-billion dollar industry. And for population control, disease through tainted foods, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, floridated water and toothpaste, chemical spray trails is a welding “soft kill” weapon that gets the job done.  This is the ugly truth of sin working through fallen man. If you can remember this, you’ll remember that old boy friend or girl friend you cut lies with long ago, thinking, thank God I kicked that to the curb.

Think of the FDA and CDC this way. Kick them to the curb. They are unethically working and the conflicts of interest is shameful and degrading. Working under dishonesty, using mafia tactics and posing lies as if they are truth are never legitimate business structures and should be shut down. Government, I say just pray for them because God does put these structures in place, now if those in the office abuse their position, they have to answer to us, but most fearfully, they have to answer to God. God will punish for abuse of positions.  And there is more extreme punishment for higher offices. Obama please fear. Stop mocking God and your office. We are to cordially, remind them to remember their place as servants to the people. Not the other way around. Pray God put Godly men who fear Him in office. If men truly love God they will love people and will not try to hurt, maim or kill them on purpose.

Do your own research and understand how your body works. Knowing what is good for the body and knowing what is not good for your body, you will be more likely to think twice before you put something in your mouth or what you allow others to shoot up into your arm. They are not telling you everything the put in vaccines, if they did you would run in the opposite direction. And yes, some people are paid to lie or hired to be ignorant in what the orders they are following to enforce bias and unethical rules and laws. Know who is feeding you. Check the food labels, but also know that truthfully speaking, they don’t list everything on food labels that they put in your food. There are 2 food laws that were passed. One for the public and one for the food industry. The law for the food industry, which was quietly passed for you not to know about it was, and here is the list of the thousands of chemicals you can put in the foods you manufacture that do not need to be listed on food labels, hence you get sick after you eat something, it can’t be tracked back to the food in your kitchen pantry. Ugly truth that I have to mention here, but it can save a life. You are responsible for your own health, your own body and your own actions. Know all the facts so you can make clear minded decisions for your life.

Knowing why and how you obtained a skin disorder is important too, because, now you know the steps you must take to get rid of it and to avoid it in the future. Massage is just one of the techniques that can be used to get the toxins out of the body. But, you also have to make lifestyle changes in diet and exercise. So consider a monthly massage for general detox maintenance.

List of Skin Diseases. Credit Wikipedia

Sum it all up. But also, since the fall of man and sin entering in, your body and life is bent toward death. Only Jesus can heal the whole man, body, soul and spirit. You can be the healthiest person in the world and live a long and vibrant life, but still you have to die someday. Where will you spend eternity? Make a decision to live for Christ today. Read John 3:16 KJV Bible

“Quantum Health Spa” is a Christian business. We understand and treat the whole person. God loves people so much, we stand in as His arms, His hands, His feet to minister and aid broken people and reveal and show the love of God toward humanity. Get a massage today and also, get Jesus in your heart and life. Get your full healing.

I stress KJV Bible, because not all bibles are Holy. To date, there are more then 60 different bible versions and many have removed Christ’s deity, the blood, God’s heavenly position.  The Jews only have one Torah. They understand not to “Taint” God’s Word. Just like I mentioned that man taints the food you eat, these same people taint the spiritual food we eat too. When first becoming a Christian by giving my heart to Jesus, God told me to only read the KJV version. He showed me that they have poisoned the pure water source. Jesus is the Bread of life, spiritual food for the body. He is perfect. Can you really improve on perfection? Jesus says we need to change, not Him.  The truth with all these new bible versions is, they are detroning Jesus and placing the Devil on the throne. They are displacing Jesus to set in place the Devil. Just know that Spiritual food nourishes the spiritual man and physical food nourishes the physical man. Keep them both pure.

NIV replaces Jesus with Satan. Jesus is the Cornerstone.  Capstone is the top of the pyramid. Capstone means Satan.

The Cornerstone sets the foundation. You can not build a sure foundation on a capstone.

NIV-Stay away. Poisoned.

Acts 4:11 (New International Version)
11He is ” ‘the stone you builders rejected, which has become the capstone.

NIV states that Satan is the capstone.

KJV Pure Word. No additives.

Acts 4:11

This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner.  

KJV states that Jesus is the Cornerstone.

Throw away your NIV and buy a KJV Bible.  I’ve revealed to you the tainting of the food you eat everyday and you wonder why you keep getting sicker and sicker. If you have been stumbling in your spiritual walk, while still reading your bible and see no improvements in your relationship with Jesus. It may be your spiritual diet. Start researching and asking questions. Be lead by the Holy Spirit not by man’s lies.

Please feel free to pass along and share this post. It may just save a physical life and a spiritual life.

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