The Benefits of Massage


Massage is very therapeutic. There are many benefits to message that most people seem to be unaware of. This is because media has showcased massage as a luxury just to feel good or a service for the select  few who may be able to afford such an exclusive service. Even giving this service a seedy reputation on television shows showcasing dark parlors for erotic effect. Hollywood has done it’s best to try to discredit this healing treatment.  Therapeutic massage is a health nessesity in many ways.  Our society today is the most toxic it has ever been in the history of mankind. Many of our deseases come from tainted foods we eat, chemically laced pharmaceuticals that are documented to do more harm hen good, suprisingly Hollywood has not picked up on this fact to showcase the horrors of toxic pharaceuticals in their push for dramatized entertainment. Easily understandable. Why get on the bad side of a multi billion dollar industry. There’s big bucks to keep the people sick and bash the true healing competition. They have to keep the stockholders happy.

There is coming a time when people are going to get sick an tired of being sick and tired. I’ve seen in the massage industry many people receiving immediate pain relief, greater range of motion, headaches and migraines disappear even during treatment, stress relief, pain relief, back pain relief, carpal tunnel relief, stiff knees gain greater range of motion, stiff necks relieved, and the list goes on. All without drugs. After awhile, people are going to have to question the FDA’s an the CDC’s true motives in their policy decisions.

Massage also helps to detoxify the body from harmful contaminants.   I have a personal experience that I must share to help people have a greater understanding of this natural health vs chemical overload mainstream healthcare industry. I was invited to a friend’s house for a barbeque. I met and spoke with another person who was invited also. This person works in the pharmaceutical industry. Well naturally I take any opportunity to speak about health and my findings. I told this person about documented and experiencing personally people who were cured from cancer naturally and I mentioned by what method. This person turned to me and said, “We know. But, what we tell the public and what we talk about behind closed doors are two different things. We formulate pharmaceutical drugs to keep the person alive long enough in their decrease until they eventually die from it. I don’t like it but that’s the nature of the Beast.”


Massage is a very effective and affordable natural health alternative.

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