Press Release. Lose Weight Fast with Venus Factor. How to Lose Weight Fast.

How to Lose Weight Fast Venus Factor                                           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

                                   Lose Weight Fast with Venus Factor

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7th February, 2014: Obesity is a common problem these days especially among women. Most women gain weight after child birth which is difficult to lose especially fat that get accumulated in the areas of stomach, thighs, hips and butt.

Venus Factor offers a system that helps women lose weight fast. It is based on the fact that metabolism in men and women is different. Most diet plans make women feel worse as they are either unable to lose weight or the gain more weight once the plan is stopped. Venus factor is designed to increase female metabolism thus helping them lose weight in a healthy and fast manner.

Venus factor package offers a twelve week nutrition program combined with unique exercise programs designed to suit women metabolism. The nutrition plan works on improving the leptin sensitivity that plays a crucial role in faster metabolism which is extremely important for weight loss.

This nutrition plan does not cause any food cravings or lower energy levels or fatigue which is the result of following majority of diet plans. This plan helps women avoid food that may damage leptin sensitivity and result in a slower metabolic rate. One can also find the important nutrient needed for weight loss and the odd herb that accelerates female fat loss. It also helps in permanent weight loss from problem areas such as stomach, hips or things.

About Venus Factor

Venus Factor is a nutrition plan designed to increase women metabolism and help them lose weight fast. The program also includes exercise regime that improves women metabolic activity and helps women take advantage of vital nutrient essential for fat burning and increased energy levels. Along with the nutrition plan video coaching lessons are also included that help women lose weight fast by using various tips and tricks.

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